Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Motivation: Be Thankful You're A Writer

Top Five Reasons To Be Thankful You're A Writer

1. At a holiday party you may be referred to through hushed whispers as "the writer." (Thus adding a certain mystic to your personality. Non-writers don't always understand that writing can be far from glamorous. As you know a lot of the process is blood, sweat, and tears)

2.You can work in your pajamas, sans makeup and brushing your hair. (Of course this only applies, if you are in a position where you can write from home)

3. Your parents were wrong when they said you shouldn't make up stories. Now, as a writer you can make up stories with a clear conscious!

4. You can create your own happy endings! (This is my favorite)

5.Your imagination can take you places you never dreamed of, or may otherwise never have the opportunity to go. (The moon, medieval England, the Old West during the gold rush, the sky's the limit!)

Of course, being able to express oneself through words is a true blessing.

I've often read that writing can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse, and admittedly, at times I have felt this way. However, in the end I would never trade the joy and pride I feel during the process of creating or after completing a writing project.

We all have things in our lives we can find to be thankful for. Just don't forget to be thankul for your ability to express yourself through your own unique writing voice.

Remember, just like there are never duplicate sets of fingerprints in the world, such is true with one's writing when applying one's own distinctive writing voice.

You are one of a kind and so is your writing!

Your writing voice is special and worthy to be read. Don't give up. Don't stifle your unique writing voice.

Never allow a rejection to destroy your dreams of writing!

Allow your own unique voice to flow into words on paper and shine through your work!

Your unique writing voice is a blessing in itself. Write from your soul, and you cannot possibly go wrong.

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