Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Writing Process: Starting my next novel

I wrote: "Right now I am struggling within myself about starting my next novel. The idea has been in my mind and heart for some time. I have even done some research on the subject through the Internet, but getting the synopsis down on the word processor is like pulling teeth, let alone expanding to a chapter breakdown."

Julie wrote: "Would it help?

To begin to write a small short story, Just to please the child within.

Let go of the struggle. And just Play.

Write anything that wants to dribble onto the page.

Ask the child within to come out and play, and ask the adult fearful to stand aside.

Take some deep breaths, smile, feel how well your fingers itch to dance the keyboards and reveal the secret outpourings of the Childs whim.

Let the warmth and relaxation of self-creative flow flood your being and feel the joy of not standing in the creative –self’s way.

You stop all mind chatter. Picture a beautiful part of yourself being free, exploring a world your expression pours out in play to the delight of your child self.

Let the writing happen and be completely at ease. Stand away from wanting to be in control, leave this for the more dutiful times you are away from the wonder of writing and being in the worlds of your own creation.

Watch the picture form within and just let the words make your fingers happy. Be Very happy. Stay relaxed and enjoy the freedom of non-thinking and surf with content on the waves of your inner expression.

Make it a magical and most trusting moment of play without a worry about what is being written.

Take heart, smile and begin the fun. You can do it!!!

I always find the task of doing, the bigger thing that lives within, either an adventure or a stalemate.

The adventure because what I am creating is fresh and fuelled by beginning something I am doing for me. Doing for me is easy, as it is not going out there for others to see, others to think about, read or take long ums over. When I am doing for me I am surrounded by the warm cocooning flow of self-creativity. I play the game and enjoy the spilling out of all thoughts and create with ease. I don’t judge myself I just have fun.

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