Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Writing Process: The End!

Well, the day has arrived. I have completed the series of articles as I had planned for the Writing Process. I’d like to think I have covered all aspects of the writing process that you will come across when you are writing that first novel. My vision of writing mirrors my vision of life – that everything is an integrated process and in order to function optimally this integration must be recognised. It is not enough to know how to construct a sentence, or how to break down a plot, or when to start a new paragraph or chapter. These I call the technicalities, to be likened to the skills we learn as a child that help us grow up. They are the walking, talking and feeding ourselves. Without them life would be a lot more complicated. But what makes life more exciting and more fulfilling are the extra talents and insights that separate us from other animals, and these elements are also necessary in order for us to move beyond the mundane to the wonderful. So too with our writing. The heart and soul are what will transform a piece of writing into a work of art, something of significance that we can share with others.

Throughout our lives we have been limited, criticised, perhaps even forced into believing an image of ourselves that is not truly in keeping with our soul vision, and unless we bring these elements into the consciousness and give them a place, they will be the very elements that will hinder our writing. These internalised notions, inconsistent ideas and criticisms will form a wall between us and our truly great potential. These will dilute our talents and make us too careful about what we say.

I choose to journalise these notions, and I firmly believe that unless these subconscious voices be brought to the surface in our journal, we will never write the best we can. But if we free ourselves and create a space in our being for better and more accurate self image, then the courageous, innovative, pioneering writer will blossom.

Though I have come to the end of the articles I will continue to muse on the writing process, and I welcome any questions and suggestions that I can answer and incorporate into future articles.

I have enjoyed the topic until now, and am happy with the result. I hope you all are too.

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