Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Applesauce, Alligators and Alliteration

Are you writing a scene that is moving as slow as a sloth? Is your essay only earning you an earful of exasperation? If so, try spicing your writing with a dash of alliteration.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to over do it.” There is good intention to be cautious in this area, because you don’t want your readers to feel like you’re doing back flips to get their attention.

The trick here is to start using alliteration like you would use salt on a tomato. You want a little salt and a whole lot of tomato.

As you can see from this essay, titles are good places for alliteration. Humorous works can also gain a wispy, song-like quality from this technique. Don't expect the alliteration alone to make people laugh. Try saying something that is silly, yet true. Make people snort! And then sprinkle your draft with sassy samples of alliteration.

Keep in mind that serious works can also benefit when words flow together like honey. Read your work out loud. Does it sing? If not, try a taste of alliteration. As with all writing techniques, if your work feels like it is being forced, then delete it.

So experiment with words and expand your mind at the same time. Expect to write things that exalt! And remember not to over-salt your tomato.

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