Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fiction: Creating Believable 3-D Characters

Characters are the most important part of stories – they can make or break it. They need to be realistic; if they’re not real to you, how can they be real
to your readers?

Keep these following points in mind when creating your next characters.

Sketch out what they look like in your mind’s eye.

Describe their hair, body, clothes, etc. in detail. Does this seem realistic?

Then, create families and relationships with family members. What was their childhood like?

What was their favorite color, pet, school subject, movie, book, actor and singer?
What will they be like in 5-10 years?

Also, create realistic attitudes, personalities and lifestyles.
How would they speak?

What would they say?

What is their occupation, and does their job fit with their personality?
Does their name fit them?

Does this work?


19 years old
Hourglass figure
Sallow face/eyes
Smeared, mangy lips
Nicotine-stained nails
Short, black hair, dyed
Left home at 16
Drug addiction
Working the streets since 17
High heels
Plunge style bra/vest
High school dropout (age 15)
Quiet, lanky kid (age 12-14)
Greasy hair
No father
Mother abused by string of boyfriends

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