Sunday, November 23, 2008

Writing for Publications in a Different Country

Q: I’d like to write articles for publications in a different country. Can you offer any tips?

A: With the internet and email, it’s never been easier for a freelance writer to access new markets and pick up good commissions in other countries. This is good news for all writers but, to be successful, you need to have the right approach. Consider the following:

1. Study your target publication. Be familiar with the magazine that you hope to write for. Research a copy or look for the publication’s articles that have been printed online.

2. Ask the editor for the Writer Guidelines and make sure you adhere to every point.

3. Write for your target audience and be aware of the different style / format. If you are writing for an American magazine, you need to write for an American readership.

4. Avoid using colloquial and slang terms in your work which international readers may not be familiar with.

5. Consider the terms of any contractual agreements.

6. Gain advice from your bank about issues such as exchange rates and charges for international payments.

If you are open to submitting your writing to publications in different countries, you increase your chances of success. With attention to detail and good research, you really can have a world-wide audience for your work.

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